The Initial procedure takes 3 hours and includes:

Your consultation: 
Completion of a confidential client consent & intake form.  An analysis of your skin-type to determine the longevity of permanence with your microbladed brows. A discussion about your brow hair, hair color and future plans to maintain your semi-permanent cosmetic makeup upon your follow up. (15 minutes)
Clean and Shape:
It's recommended, that you allow your eyebrows to grow in as much as possible once your appointment is booked, your brow artist will clean, sterilize, tweeze and reshape. (10 minutes)

Makeup application:
A mutually agreed-upon eyebrow shape is custom designed by your brow artist to enhance your individual eyes, face shape and natural brow structure. It's impossible to portray the natural appearance of the procedure's end results with makeup, trust in your brow artist is required. (30 minutes)
Marker outline: The created brow template and shape is marked with a medical marker for the invasive procedure. 
Topical numbing cream application: 5% Lidocaine antiseptic (20 - 30 minutes)
Microblading- First pass:  Prepped skin is microbladed with hair-like strokes within the surface of the skin using tiny, sterile, single-use needles and natural pigments, creating the foundation of your new brows. (10 minutes)
Liquid Numbing: Tetracaine, benzocaine, hydrochloride solution (5 minutes)
Second and Third Pass: Brow artist strategically microblades additional strokes over the course of two additional passes to further enhance sparse areas, resulting in completely new brows. (30-minutes)

The Touch Up procedure only takes 2 hours.

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