Experience #Brownkatt

This is an extremely meticulous yet, low-maintenance service that only a Licensed Practitioner may perform. Your Esthetician cleans your eye lashes, applies a primer & then uses a precise amount of medical grade adhesive placing a single silk or mink extension (of varying weight & length) on each & every one of your own eyelashes! With proper care, your semi-permanent lash extensions will last an average of 2 weeks, as you naturally shed 2-5 of your own natural lashes per day, prior to needing a fill! Results are instantaneous!!! Consult with your stylist regarding your unique preference of volume, length, style and aesthetic.

What to Expect: Plan to arrive to your Lash Appointment in Room 108 with absolutely no makeup, old eye makeup, mascara, liner, shadow etc. You need to plan to lye still for a minimum of 2 hours flat on your back. There will be a bolster and blankets available for you to fall asleep as well as soft spa music. There are no guests/children/friends allowed to your lash appointment except for miniature or small lap dogs. Plan to put your phone on DND/silent/vibrate and iPhone users can use the cell phone chargers available for clients. Android users must bring their own cords. There is no food allowed and the Esthetician(s) do not answer phones. You should plan to arrive on a full stomach of food, NOT LIQUID. There are no bathroom breaks allowed once the service has started. If you are on medication, have anxiety, cannot lye still on your back, or are claustrophobic you must tell your service provider upfront - it’s only fair.

Home Care is simple:

  • Do not allow lashes to get wet for 24-48hrs (No steam, sweat, moisture on the eyes while adhesive sets & cures!)

  • Week one > cleanse with BB Bar lash bath & brush near end of the week; Week two > cleanse 2 times over this 7 day week with your BB Bar lash brush & your hypoallergenic ‘lashbath’ foaming wash at the beginning and end

  • Use clean spooley to brush lashes, mid-lash to tip of the extensions, in order to detangle and wiggle lashes back into place twice daily in the morning and at night

  • Use oil free eye makeup, liners, mascara, cleansers and products i.e. “oil free” or “water based”

  • As lashes naturally turn sideways or downward and prepare to shed (2-5 per eye daily) DO NOT pull them out

  • It is highly recommended to take a Biotin (Hair, Skin, & Nails) Supplemental Vitamin while wearing extensions daily, in order to strengthen the natural lash from the inside out

  • Water-based serums/lash conditioners are safe to use to keep natural lashes healthy, these should be worn minimally during the wear of extensions. It is however, highly recommended to take lash breaks and apply an Organic Castor Oil at the base of the lash line daily in between wearing your ButterfleyesBeautyBar Extensions.

*Contraindications include but are not limited to: eye allergies, allergies, eye rubbing and picking of the eyelashes.