Experience #Brownkatt

This is an extremely meticulous yet, low-maintenance service that only a Licensed Practitioner may perform. Your Esthetician cleans your eye lashes, applies a primer & then uses a precise amount of medical grade adhesive placing a single silk or mink extension (of varying weight & length) on each & every one of your own eyelashes! With proper care, your semi-permanent lash extensions will last an average of 2 weeks, as you naturally shed 2-5 of your own natural lashes per day, prior to needing a fill! Results are instantaneous!!! Consult with your stylist regarding your unique preference of volume, length, style and aesthetic.

Home Care is simple:

  • Do not allow lashes to get wet for 24-48hrs (No steam, sweat, moisture on the eyes while adhesive sets & cures!)

  • Week two, cleanse 3 times per week with your BB Bar lash brush & your hypoallergenic ‘lashbath’ foaming wash which is safe for the eyes

  • Rinse or flush eyes with water cupped in hands and splash on the eyes or face, let lashes air dry

  • Use clean spooley to brush lashes, mid-lash to tip of the extensions, in order to detangle and wiggle lashes back into place twice daily

  • Use oil free eye makeup, liners, mascara, cleansers and products i.e. “oil free” or “water based”

  • As lashes naturally turn sideways or downward and prepare to shed (2-5 per eye daily) DO NOT pull them out

  • It is highly recommended to take a Biotin (Hair, Skin, & Nails) Supplemental Vitamin while wearing extensions daily, in order to strengthen the natural lash from the inside out

  • Water-based serums/lash conditioners are safe to use to keep natural lashes healthy

*Contraindications include but are not limited to: eye allergies, allergies, eye rubbing and picking of the eyelashes.